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Long grass and grass seeds!

11 June 2020 | Jo

The oncoming summer months and the weather have meant that our parks and gardens haven't been mown as frequently, and in some places where areas are left to encourage wildlife grass has gone to seed. For some dogs, grass seeds can get into their ears which can cause pain and inflammation. If you suddenly notice your dog shaking their head a lot, scratching at their ear, and if it feels hotter to the touch than normal - or even smells slightly different - there could be a grass seed inside their ear canal. This unfortunately means a trip to the vet for removal under sedation (unless it is immediately obvious and can be taken out during an examination).

Likewise if your dog unexpectedly starts limping, this again could be due to a grass seed that has gone inbetween their pads. Again removal may require sedation....

Oh the joys of summer!!

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