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Summer on way - and with it, the fleas!

17 April 2018 | Jo

We at last have an inkling of warm weather to come! This of courses means that Flea Season is upon us... for those of you who haven't religiously been applying flea products over the winter, we would advise that you come along and stock up on spot-on products for your dog or cat. You can also buy Acclaim over the counter which is an incredibly effective household spray that not only kills fleas, but will kill bed bugs, cockroaches etc. 

Legally we have to see your pet in a 12m period in order to sell you the prescription only medicines, Advocate, Stronghold, Broadline, Profender, Comfortis tablets and Frontline Combo. If you have not been in, we can offer you a FREE FLEA CHECK!! This means we can sell you the products that actually work. 

Routine Vaccinations

Ensuring that your animal is fully up to date with their vaccinations is one of the most important things you can do to safeguard their health as a pet owner.

Click here for key information on what, and when, you should be doing.

Puppy and Junior Classes with Joe Clarke

Joe Clarke APDT, canine behavourist and trainer, hosts weekly Puppy classes in Socialisation and Habitualisation at our Sidmouth Parade clinic. Junior classes, for dogs 5-6 months and older, are held in a set 6 week block at our Neasden clinic.

Click here to find out more.

Our Pet Health Club

Our Pet Health Club is an easy and affordable way to ensure your pet is covered when it comes to preventative health. 

The scheme includes everything necessary for the prevention of fleas, worms and other parasites, as well as routine vaccinations.