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Advice on training your puppy from Joe Clarke

15 September 2016 | Anna Jones

Allpets hosts Tuesday evening Puppy classes with Joe Clarke. Joe started classes with us nearly 15 years ago, so in that time we have had a huge amount of pups come to us for socialisation and basic training. If you walk your dogs locally, you can be sure that at any time there are at least 2-3 dogs in the field who have been to his classes! 

Joe is the Animal Welfare Officer for Islington council and as such has a busy day job, so we advise puppy owners to be patient and that a text is better than a phone call as he is often driving around collecting strays! 

Things have moved on in the world of training, and clicker training - once very popular - is less used now. Joe uses positive reenforcement and encourages puppy owners to get their pups off lead as soon as possible! Recall is a strong aspect of the classes. 

We understand that having a pup is a family affair, and we welcome children to the classes. Pups have very sharp teeth and it's important that children (especially younger ones) are shown how to react should they get nipped by an overexcited pup! Likewise, adult pup owners need guidelines on what to do when the pup chews your favourite pair of Jimmy Choos....

Junior classes are held at our Neasden clinic and are for slightly older dogs with either a different set of problems or as a carry-on from Puppy class. These are a set 6 week course unlike Puppy class which are roll on/roll off. 

Routine Vaccinations

Ensuring that your animal is fully up to date with their vaccinations is one of the most important things you can do to safeguard their health as a pet owner.

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Our Pet Health Club

Our Pet Health Club is an easy and affordable way to ensure your pet is covered when it comes to preventative health. 

The scheme includes everything necessary for the prevention of fleas, worms and other parasites, as well as routine vaccinations. 

Puppy and Junior Classes with Joe Clarke

Joe Clarke APDT, canine behavourist and trainer, hosts weekly Puppy classes in Socialisation and Habitualisation at our Sidmouth Parade clinic. Junior classes, for dogs 5-6 months and older, are held in a set 6 week block at our Neasden clinic.

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